Maintenance & HSE

Our Human Rights Promise

Child / Forced Labour Policy

Utmost Gulf Group endeavours to provide a conducive working environment that is characterized by equality and mutual respect. The company will not tolerate the use of child or forced labour, nor exploitation of children in any of company’s operations and facilities.

Code of Business Conduct

Code of Business Conduct sets out the basic rules of our Company and its purpose is to ensure we work safely, efficiently and within the laws of the countries in which we operate. As part of this commitment, we must do the right thing and make the right choices as we undertake our daily activities.

Our reputation as a company and our success is dependent on each of us taking responsibility for putting the Code of Conduct into practice and maintaining a high ethical standard in our work and in our dealings with our clients, government authorities, employees, consultants, agents, and generally with everyone with whom we have business dealings in U.A.E.

Health, Safety, Environment and Quality
Quality, Health & Safety and Environment Policy

Utmost Gulf Group primary goal is to provide a consistent level of work performance that meets and exceeds the quality standards and customer expectations conforming to the requirements and specifications cited in all types of services offered.

Ensures the safety remains paramount over all other interests and demands.

Ensures all employees have the right training and equipment to perform their job safely and healthily.

Our Commitment

We at Utmost Gulf Group are committed to:

  • The continual improvement of the QHSE Management System;
  • The prevention of injury and ill health and continually provide a safe place of work for all personnel working under control of Utmost Gulf Group The prevention of pollution, the measurement and reduction of environmental impacts detrimental to the environment;
  • Compliance with all applicable legal and other requirements, and dedicated to performing our work in the safest practicable manner for its operations, in line with industry best practices.
  • Utmost Gulf Group will fulfill this policy through embracing the following objectives as core business values which represent our obligations to society and business stakeholders, as well as ourselves:

  • Ensure that the safety remains paramount over all other interests and demands;
  • The provision of information for safe and efficient operations;
  • Empower and educate our workforce and build trust through a consultative process that maximizes the utilization of our human resources’ potential;
  • The assessment of environmental impacts before commencement of operations;
  • Protect our environment through the prevention of pollution and the conservation of energy and natural resources by efficiently utilizing resources.
  • Reduce the production of wastes through effective waste management highlighting the recycling and reusing activities
  • Performing regular review of QHSE Performance for continual improvement;
  • Identify, provide, and evaluate relevant trainings;
    • Quality assurance, Adhering to ethical management;
  • Give all team members the opportunity to contribute to the improvement of QHSE Management Systems and provide appropriate responsibility and authority for ensuring that Utmost Gulf Group policy is understood, implemented, and maintained at all levels.


Utmost Gulf Group, we believe in timely maintenance of our equipment, this helps in lowering the downtime of breakdowns of our equipments while at work on your important & time bound projects.

We ensure with our highly trained team of engineers and professionals along with the latest maintenance tools every break down is reviewed & corrected in record time. This is possible because we have invested in our own yards in Abu Dhabi & Dubai, along with Quick Response Team available on major Project sites.

  • Headed by a highly trained professional from the Automobile industry
  • Trained & dedicated Team for Service & Break down Management
  • Highly Sophisticated & fully Equipped Service Yard in Mafraq & Jabal Ali
  • Quick Response teams for Onsite Maintenance requirement, Low waiting period for Maintenance & Break Down
  • Good Maintenance Protocol maintained with Timely Service of Equipment for low break downs

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